Co- Founder and COO of Payix Preston Cecil explains communication and collection tools offered to lenders in this podcast interview with The Lend.

About Payix Incorporated

Payix ( helps lenders and loan servicers improve their ability to engage with borrowers and collect payments. Payix’s borrower-facing tools – with real-time loan management system integration – display client branding for quick borrower adoption and lasting utilization. Using Payix’s state-of-the-art technology, lenders and loan servicers can instantly communicate with borrowers across multiple channels and secure qualified promises, one-time and scheduled payments. Payix is a registered ISO of Deutsche Bank.

About the Lend

The Lend Podcast was created to bring information to the lender by Interviewing people of interest in the online lending industry. Creating conversations, reviewing best practices, and learning about new innovations to move the industry forward. We bring dynamic information to those who need it the most, the lender.