Corona-virus Update from Payix

As we closely follow the circumstances surrounding the Coronavirus at home and abroad, our team at Payix understands the growing concerns and the potential health and commercial impact it presents across our communities.  Payix views this evolving issue very seriously and would like to highlight our team’s steadfast commitment to continue providing the level of service and support our clients and partners are accustomed to.

To further your confidence in our ability to continue this level of support, please know all Payix company architecture is designed to allow for effective remote management of all Client and Partner customer service, development and IT work, as well as other client-supportive company functions. To this end, we have released internal communications preparing all Payix Team Members for the possibility of having to perform their job duties from a remote location; however, at this time we intend to keep normal business hours and continue regular operations.  We will continue to monitor the ongoing situation and take sensible precautions as we work to do our part to mitigate the spread of this illness.

As we move through the coming days, we would like to remind you of the following frontline Payix resources at your disposal should any questions or concerns arise:

Customer service inquiries

Tari Walker

O: 817.442.7215


Client relations and business development inquiries

Thomas Moore

O: 817.674.9071

M: 469.422.1435


Development, IT and client integrations inquiries

Kevin Fisher

O: 817.438.2374

M: 469.789.6839



We thank you for your continued partnership and hope for an expeditious and safe outcome.