Meet The Model Behind The Brand

Timothy Rickard

It’s hard to miss a Payix advertisement in magazines such as Non-Prime Times, thanks to the beautiful model and actress Alika Ray who lends her image to our marketing efforts. A fun, animated version of her likeness can also be found on our website. And this year, if all goes well, she’ll be joining us at industry events.

It’s safe to say Alika has become part of the Payix family. So we thought it was time to officially introduce her and sing her praises for helping us put our best face forward. 

We caught up with Alika in late April, when her schedule was heating up as COVID restrictions started to ease, and asked her about her career, what she thinks about working with Payix, and even about her first car. Here’s what she had to say…


Q. How did you get started in modeling?

I’ve been modeling for 26 years, since I was in high school! In 1997, I won the TEEN magazine cover model contest. I was also the Nair girl in the early 2000s and have done guest roles in shows like NBC’s Revolution and ABC’s GCB.


Q. What other companies have you done work for besides Payix that we’d recognize?

In commercials, you’d recognize me in ads for Choctaw Resort and Casino and The Home Depot. There was a series of JCPenney commercials that just finished airing as well.


Q. How do you feel about being the face of Payix?

You know, it’s really neat and truly an honor! I think Payix is a great company with a great product, and everyone I’ve met is super nice.


Q. What do you think about Payix turning your likeness into an illustrated character?

I wouldn’t change a thing! Except maybe give myself some super powers. I mean, a girl can dream. Lol

Alika Both_Reduced

Q. Payix markets to auto lenders. Do you remember buying your first car?

I do! I bought it with the prize money from TEEN magazine. I needed a car to get to my shoots on my own during high school. (Mapsco in hand. And yes, I’m aging myself.) It was $3,000. A white Plymouth Laser. Stick shift. It had an automatic seat belts. Ha! Remember those?


Q. What do you love about your profession?

I love being on a set. The creative energy is something I love to be around. You’re surrounded by so many different kinds people of all walks of life.

Q. Do you like being recognized?

It’s always a good feeling to be recognized or feel seen for something, whether it’s a 9 to 5 job or what I do.

Q. What’s next in your career?

As I am older, the jobs are changing and it’s been fun to see how roles are evolving. I feel very grateful for every opportunity, and now that there seems to be a light at the end of this COVID tunnel and the auditions have been pouring in, the hustle and grind continues.

Q. How can fans follow you?
You can follow me on Instagram! @alikaray

Thanks Alika for your winning smile and making it easier for us to connect with customers – just like Payix solutions do!

Alika Phone_Reduced


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Timothy Rickard