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Borrower-Facing Software

Payix offers communication and collections tools to lenders and loan servicers that seamlessly integrate with your loan management system. Our borrower-facing white-labeled software suite includes a native mobile application, online borrower web portal, text pay solution, interactive voice response (IVR), and over-the-phone agent assisted payment solutions.  With access to our client administration portal (CAP), clients also have loan-level control and administration of all available payment channels.


  • White-Labeled Mobile Apps.  Using a smartphone, borrowers can install a lender-branded native mobile application to make payments, access real-time account information, schedule payments, and chat with agents.
  • Online Borrower Portal.  Using any internet capable device, borrowers can log into a lender-branded web portal to make payments, access real-time account information, schedule payments, and chat with agents.
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR) System.  Borrowers can call a toll-free number day or night for real-time account information and to make payments in English or Spanish.
  • SMS Text Pay.  Your borrowers can make a payment and access real-time account information with a simple text message.
  • Agent-Assisted Payments.  Using your loan management system or the Payix Client Admin Portal (CAP) agents can quickly take borrower payments over-the-phone, schedule payments, and chat with borrowers.


Cost Effective Payment Processing

Payix has built a nationwide network of merchant processing partnerships with some of the world’s largest banks to bring lenders competitive merchant processing pricing.  In many cases, Payix has been able to lower a lender’s merchant processing costs.  We support payments made by way of debit card, credit card, prepaid cards, and electronic check/bank draft (ACH).


  • With Payix, lenders receive competitive discount rates, and we offer both fixed-rate and cost-plus pricing options.
  • Payix has no hidden payment processing costs and offers detailed merchant statements with business-friendly explanations so you’ll have confidence that you’re getting an honest price.
  • Our security is second-to-none. You and your borrowers can be confident that payments and information managed by Payix is properly safeguarded.

Business Process Optimization

Payix provides clients a powerful and user-friendly information portal to help reduce information gathering efforts related to borrower payment reconciliation.  Access to real-time payment information, including loan management system (LMS) postings, helps clients reduce the work needed to reconcile payment-related bank deposits.  Payix creates a more efficient back-office throughput which can help maximize effort and lead to higher operational productivity.


  • With the click of a button, clients can export and download information to empower back-office payment reconciliation.
  • What are your borrowers conveying based on their payment patterns? Our easy-to-read reports and dashboards make analyzing and understanding borrower transaction history simple.
  • Using our client portal, clients can monitor ticket requests, submit feedback, and maintain client contact information for automated updates and notices.

Watch the borrower-facing Payix platform come to life using your brand in a 30 minute product demonstration.

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